Sol and Her Medicines. Series with medicinal plants. S A G E (1) – Sage Earrings. Minimalist Medical Earrings. Botanical Brass Earrings.


While sage was known to many as an all-around health booster, ancient cultures also considered it important for protecting spiritual sanctity. They believed that sage could keep evil spirits at bay. They also used sage to treat snake bites because it had strong antiseptic properties. Even today, Pagan practitioners use sage brooms to cleanse negative energies. The ancients also believed that eating sage could grant a person immortality, a belief that probably stemmed from the fact that sage had various medicinal properties. This is evidenced in the popular saying from the middle Ages: “How can a man die who has sage in his garden?” Today, sage is used as a natural preservative and antiseptic. Tea from sage leaves is often called the thinker’s tea, believed to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and depression.

Material: Brass, Botanical Plant, Sage
Sage Size: 42mm
Total Length: 58mm
Little Sun Size: 6mm

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