Sun and his Shadow. Gold Plated Threader Earring with the Sun. 18k Gold Plated. Minimalist Earring. Circle Minimal Earrings.


In many spiritual and religious traditions, light is often associated with goodness, truth, and enlightenment, while darkness or shadows can symbolize ignorance, fear, or the unknown. The sun, as the ultimate source of light, can represent spiritual illumination and the dispelling of ignorance or negativity when it shines on the shadows in our lives.
The interplay between the sun and shadows can symbolize the balance and duality inherent in life. Just as the sun rises and sets, casting shadows throughout the day, life has its ups and downs. Many spiritual teachings emphasize the importance of finding balance between light and dark, joy and sorrow, and positive and negative experiences. Shadows can represent the hidden or unconscious aspects of ourselves that we may need to bring to light for personal growth and self-awareness. The sun can symbolize the light of consciousness, and when it shines on our shadows, it can help us see and integrate these hidden aspects, leading to spiritual growth and self-realization. Shadows can represent our limited understanding of the divine, and as we seek spiritual growth and enlightenment, we aim to move from the shadows of ignorance toward the radiant light of divine knowledge and connection.

Long Ear Thread Earring, Edgy Earrings, Minimal Earrings, Chain Earrings.

  • Materials: Brass
  • Size: 50MM
  • Thread: 18k gold plated

Size: 50MM

Thread: 18k gold plated

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