The Designer

Hello, I'm Rita

MariSol is a woman-owned small business, which came to life in 2022 with the purpose to make women seen and feel secure.

All my designs are based on the relationship with the Sun, as I believe we are all part of the Sun. 

We are the same, working through life hard with pain, which is unavoidable. If we at an individual level can realize that and see the truth in ourselves, in our true nature, we can act one again, and support what needs to be done on Earth, which is not separating ourselves from an integral part of the whole.

How tremendously can affect us in different Moon phases? This simple but beautiful relationship determined my whole line for design. Simple, minimalist, but pure forms.

Marisol Jewelry 

Be raw, be the sunshine itself. Be direct sunlight unbroken by clouds, be yourself. When the radiance comes through you, the light going so much further than yourself, you give hope, happiness, and life to others, they will become the sunshine themselves and light up the dark.
Rita Danis
When you wear a Marisol Design creation, the energy of the piece is incorporated into your soul, soothing deep parts of yourself you may not have been unaware needed love, light and attention. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. The aesthetic quality of the jewelry is unlike I’ve ever seen. The descriptions of the jewelry mean as much to me as the pieces themselves.
Rita channels the most beautiful messages and expressions of divine love into everything she creates. They was she explains the inspiration behind the pieces makes my heart beat fast and I want to own every piece! The jewelry I wear from Rita are among my most cherished pieces of jewelry and when I wear them, I feel powerful, inspired and in alignment with something greater than myself. It’s a soothing, peaceful feeling to experience the caress of the metal against my skin, like a soul’s embrace. Grateful for this beautiful artist’s work to exist in the world.
Though I’ve been able to own many pieces of jewelry in my lifetime, I’ve never been so honored to receive a handmade bracelet that brought me chills at first glance. I can say there’s truly no comparison to the pure essence it holds that I can carry with me every day as a reminder there’s always a light shining within! It’s so very special to have something created with the intention behind each piece personally made, but also being a part of supporting Rita Dani’s beautiful creations that shows just how magical she really is! Thank you so very much again Marisol Design.