Empty Sun – Hammered Brass Statement Empty Sun. Minimalist Circle Earrings. Brass Earrings.


In Buddhist philosophy, the concept of “emptiness” or “sunyata” is fundamental. It refers to the idea that all phenomena, including the self, lack inherent or independent existence. Instead, everything is interconnected and dependent on other factors. Emptiness is often seen as a path to liberation and enlightenment because it helps individuals let go of attachments and ego. 

Taoist philosophy includes the concept of being an “empty vessel.” This means being open and receptive, allowing for the flow of the Tao (the Way) or universal energy. An empty vessel is free from preconceived notions and desires, making it more receptive to wisdom and spiritual insights.

In some spiritual traditions, “emptying” can refer to surrendering one’s ego, desires, and attachments to a higher power or divine will. By emptying oneself of personal will and ego-driven desires, individuals seek to align themselves with a greater spiritual purpose.

In many spiritual traditions, the sun often carries positive and powerful symbolic meanings, such as representing enlightenment, life-giving energy, illumination, and divine presence. The sun is often associated with deities, gods, or goddesses in various cultures.

Material: Raw Brass (Hand Hammered)
Sun Size: 3.5cm
Empty Circle size:3cm
Ear Wire Hooks: 18K Real Gold Plated over brass

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