108 Japa Mala Peruvian Amazonite – Sun Salutation – Peruvian Amazonite Mala.


The use of a Japa Mala with 108 beads holds particular significance in various spiritual and religious traditions, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. The number 108 is associated with the idea of the cosmos and the larger universe. It is said to symbolize the following:

The 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets, resulting in 12 x 9 = 108.
The 12 constellations, and the 9 arc segments they divide the sky into.
The 108 Upanishads, which are ancient Indian texts that explore spiritual knowledge.
The 108 marma points (energy centers) in the body, according to Ayurveda.
The 108 earthly desires and human weaknesses that one must overcome to attain spiritual enlightenment.

Each of my mala has mantra or prayer 108 times. I believe in helping you with your spiritual connection, clear your mind, and promote a sense of inner peace.

There is also a geometric significance to 108. The number 1 symbolizes the self or the universe’s oneness, 0 represents the emptiness or completeness, and 8 represents infinity.


According to traditional Buddhism, 108 represents the number of mortal desires of mankind which one must overcome to achieve Nirvana.

108. It represents the unity and wholeness of existence
According to the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, who was born around A.D. 1170 and after whom the Fibonacci sequence is (nick)named, it is believed that the number 108 has a way of representing the wholeness of existence.

In yoga, the number 108 refers to spiritual completion. It is why japa malas are composed of 108 beads, why pranayama is often completed in cycles of 108, and why sun salutations are often performed in nine rounds of the 12 postures (totaling 108). By practicing chanting, breath work, or asana in rounds of this sacred number, the ancient yogis believed we could align ourselves with the rhythm of the creation, and ultimately bring an end to our cycle of reincarnation.

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