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The sun is yang and outward in nature. It’s a symbol behind which to unite in collaborative action.

The moon is yin and inward. It’s a symbol of introspection and reaction. Buddha nature lies within, and Zen practitioners sit in silence while following a lifestyle of disciplined self-restraint.

The sun is constant in shape, yet the moon changes on a daily basis. Shinto tends to celebrate the world as it is; Buddhists strive for self-improvement. All things revolve around the sun, as the national well-being is thought to centre on the emperor. Zen sees the monthly cycle in terms of the cycle of existence. D.T. Suzuki maintained it was Zen that was at the heart of the culture, yet the moon is but a reflection of sunlight. After all, the sun shines on everyone; only a few search in the dark for moonbeams.

Material: Brass
Circle Size: 2.5cm
Little Sun Size: 1.5cm

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