Yin and Yang Ring – Sterling Silver Open Ring. Spiritual Silver Ring. Minimalist Silver Ring.


Yin: Yin is associated with feminine, receptive, and passive qualities. It represents darkness, coldness, softness, introspection, and the moon. Yin energy is nurturing, intuitive, and associated with rest, restoration, and reflection.

Yang: Yang is associated with masculine, active, and assertive qualities. It represents light, warmth, hardness, outward expression, and the sun. Yang energy is dynamic, decisive, and associated with action, creativity, and growth.

The Yin-Yang symbol depicts two interlocking halves, with a dot of the opposite energy within each half, illustrating that within Yin, there is Yang, and within Yang, there is Yin. This symbolizes the harmonious and cyclical nature of life, where the two opposing forces coexist, complement, and transform into one another.

Material: Sterling Silver

Ring Size: 6US / 6.5US / 7US / 8US
Moon Size: 25mm
Little Circle Size: 12mm