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It is said that the Buddha is defined by three bodies of enlightenment, the so-called trikaya. There are three major kinds of ground that all humans experience in the course of their lives. The first, the ground of “existence,” is the experience of ourselves as having a relatively solid and continuous identity, grounded in the practical, conventional world. This ground is affirmed through all the activities of body, speech and mind by which we seek to define, maintain and enhance our familiar sense of “self.” This ground corresponds to the conventional idea of human life and is what most people view as the essence of their identity.
The second kind of ground is “death/birth.” There are the times when we find ourselves unable to maintain the identity we have thought of as “me.” We feel weak and shaky, our very body and mind seem to be dissolving, and we feel like we are falling apart. In the midst of this fear we may feel as if we are dying. We can call this ground “death/birth,” because whatever dissolution and death we may experience—whether psychological, social or even physical—is at the very same time a birth into another identity or mode of being.
The third kind of ground is emptiness, or the “groundless ground.” Here, sometimes abruptly, we come face to face with our own nonexistence. We look to the solid and desirable ground of our familiar “existence,” and even to the typically undesirable ground of “death/birth,” and can find neither. We are able to discover nothing but space that is open, clear and empty. People report discovering this third kind of ground in the midst of a serious automobile accident. It can also occur when we are stunned by traumatic news, overwhelmed by sadness or surprised by something extraordinarily beautiful. Buddhism affirms, in other words, that the three kayas, in their integral, pure and mature form, are within us at this very moment.

Material: Sanded Brass, Moss, UV Resin
Sun Size: 4cm
Moss Size: 1cm
Total Length: 7.5cm

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