The Sun as the Source of Life – Minimal Bracelet. Hammered Copper or Brass Bracelet. Copper or Brass Jewelry.


Even if all the other elements such as water, air, and fire are present, there can be no life without the Sun.
The Moon looks up to the Sun for Light. Mother Earth needs the sun’s heat to take care of her plants, without the warmth they can’t thrive.
The sun warms and illuminates the habitats of animals big and small. We are all depend on the Sun for subsistence.
As a source and giver of life, the sun symbolizes the determination to live. Sometimes, the sun’s heat can become too intense, unleashing its wrath on animals, plants, and humans.
Calling upon the sun’s power can restore your will to live. Meditate on the sun’s symbolism when you are on the brink of giving up.
The sun will embrace you with its warm rays, energize you, and light up the path for you. Remember, the sun symbolizes a connection to the Divine and celestial support.
So, whether you need the energy to keep going in relationships, business, or career, the sun’s power, protection, and illumination are always with you.

Material: Copper / Brass
Sun Size: 4.8cm
Bracelet Size: adjustable