The Planets Eventually Line Up – Brass Adjustable Bracelet. Sun and Moon Contemporary Bracelet. Minimalist Brass Jewelry.


Someday everything will make perfect sense.

Even when you go through difficult times, have the trust, that one day you will understand the reasons, and the purpose behind life lessons.

Just smile and even if you are not understanding today. Learn to live and accept your shadow, trust your intuition, and let life flow through you. Let experiences make you stronger, more compassionate. Your heart will give the direction, the passion will keep you moving forward. Internal changes are uncomfortable, brings emotions to the surface, accept these emotions, look at them without judgement and watch them fade away, as everything in you in change as well around you. Die everyday, live your life that way.

Material: Brass, Concrete, Natural Stone (Blue Apetite)

Sun Size: 4cm
Moon Size: 1cm
Natural Stone (Blue Apetite) Size: 8mm
Other Planets, brass circle: 10mm
Total Length: 18.5cm (+ adjustable closing)

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