The Opening – Sterling Silver Ring. Spiritual Natural Stone Ring. Moonstone Ring. Open Ring.


The recognition of a deeper, transcendent dimension of life that goes beyond the material world and physical reality will lead to be more attuned to their inner selves, develop a greater sense of empathy and compassion towards others, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

This shift in perspective or worldview, where one begins to see the world in a more holistic and interconnected way. This can involve letting go of limiting beliefs or assumptions and opening oneself up to new possibilities and experiences.

Overall, “opening” spiritual meaning is a journey that can lead to a greater sense of purpose, connection, and fulfillment in life. It is a process that requires patience, persistence, and an open heart and mind.

Material: Sterling Silver, Natural Stone (Moonstone)
Big Moon Size: 2.5cm
Little Sun Size: 0.6cm
Moonstone Size: 0.5cm
Ring Size: 5US / 6US / 6.5US / 7US/ 8US