The Eyes of The Sea – Sterling Silver Ring. Natural Stone Ring. Blue Apatite Ring. Spiritual Silver Ring.


Eyes of the Sea can represent the vastness, depth, and mystery of the sea and YOU, as well as its ability to evoke a sense of awe and wonder. Additionally, it may convey the idea of the sea as a window into another world, symbolizing its potential for exploration and discovery. Overall, the “eyes of the sea” can encompass the profound and captivating nature of the ocean.

The color blue often represents tranquility, spirituality, depth, and purity.

The line around the ring represents the seemingly endless horizon of the blue sea, it can evoke a sense of vastness and limitless potential. It may inspire individuals to expand their horizons, embrace new experiences, and pursue their dreams with a sense of adventure.

Material: Sterling Silver, Natural Stone (Blue Apatite)

Ring Size: 6US / 6.5US / 7US / 8US
Blue Apatite Size: 6mm
Shadow Size: 3cm