The End of the Path Series – Amazonite Hammered Brass Earrings. Minimalist Brass Earrings. Shell Brass Earrings. Natural Stone Earrings.


Enlightenment is not a fixed place. There is no fixed place. All that one has to do is understand the chaos and disorder in which we live. In the understanding of that, we have order, and clarity and certainty come. That certainty is not the invention of thought. That certainty is intelligence. When you have all this, when the mind sees all this very clearly, the door opens. What lies beyond is not nameable. It cannot be described, it cannot be put into words. The word is not the thing, the description is not the described. All that one can do is to be totally attentive in relationship and understand the whole nature of pleasure and fear, to see that pleasure and desire are not love. You have to find out for yourself, nobody can tell you. “J.Krishnamurti

Material: Brass (Hammered), Natural Stone
Sun Size: 33mm
Stone Size: 8mm
Total Length: 7cm


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