Supernova – Hammered Brass Bracelet. Minimalist Brass Design. New Design Brass Bracelet.


Just like human beings, stars are also born, live, and die. Also, for us, there is no way of knowing how long we will live or how we will die. But for a star, given its mass, you can predict its lifetime and the way it will die. The sun is a star, and when a star explodes it’s called a supernova. These types of explosions are very bright, and very powerful. They release lots of dust into space, which is used to make more stars and planets. Our solar system was made using stuff from these explosions.

Let your Spirit burn hot and bright and follow the calling of your Soul, then you will cause positive explosion around you.

The meaning of the number 77 is often seen as a sign of destiny and purpose. This number can also help you to understand your life’s mission and why you are here on earth. If you’re feeling lost or unsure of your purpose, focus on the number 77 and see what it can tell you!

Stay strong and to continue moving forward on your journey.

Width: 3.5cm

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