Life in the woods series. New beginnings. – Sun Brass Earrings with Moss. Dangle Minimalist Moss Earrings. Botanical Herbal Earrings.


In Native American culture, moss is seen as a plant that can bring about new beginnings. It is also a plant believed to be able to cleanse and purify the soul. The moss is also a symbol of fertility, growth, and abundance. When the moss is used in a sacred ceremony, it is believed to be able to help one connect with the spirit world. This plant is also seen as a symbol of strength and perseverance. The Native people believe that putting a piece of moss on the ground will help to bring rain. Moss is also used in ceremonies to help ensure a good harvest. If you see the moss appearing in your life, it may signify that change is coming. The moss is also associated with intuition and psychic abilities.

Material: Brass (Hammered), Moss
Sun Brass: 2.5cm
Moss: 12mm
Drop Length: 4cm
Total Length: 5.5cm

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