Soulcraft – Brass Earrings. Spiritual Dangle Brass Earrings. Little Disc Brass Earrings.


The term “soulcraft” was popularized by Bill Plotkin, a depth psychologist and wilderness guide, who developed the concept of soul-centered psychology and eco-soulcentric practices. In Plotkin’s work, soulcraft refers to the process of cultivating a conscious relationship with one’s soul, which he defines as the unique and essential expression of one’s deepest self.

Here are some key elements and meanings associated with soulcraft:
Self-Discovery: Soulcraft involves exploring and discovering the depths of one’s inner self.
Authenticity: Soulcraft emphasizes living an authentic life aligned with one’s true self.
Soul Work: Soulcraft often involves engaging in inner work, such as introspection, reflection, journaling, meditation, dreamwork, and creative expression.
Nature Connection: Many approaches to soulcraft emphasize the importance of connecting with the natural world.
Rites of Passage: Soulcraft recognizes the significance of rites of passage, transformative experiences, and life transitions.
Purpose and Service: Soulcraft involves discovering and aligning with one’s life purpose and engaging in service to the greater whole.

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