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The astral body is a subtle, non-physical counterpart to the physical body. It is said to be connected to the physical body by a “silver cord” and capable of traveling independently. During astral projection, the individual’s consciousness supposedly shifts from the physical body to the astral body, allowing them to perceive and interact with the astral plane or other non-physical realms.

Astral body travel, also known as astral projection or out-of-body experience (OBE), refers to the phenomenon where an individual’s consciousness appears to separate from their physical body and travel to different realms or dimensions. It is often described as a state of heightened awareness or an altered state of consciousness.

Experiences during astral projection vary widely. Some individuals report traveling to different locations, both earthly and ethereal, encountering other beings or entities, and gaining spiritual insights or knowledge.

Soul Travel describes the experience of accepting greater states of being.

Material: Brass
Astral Body Sun Size: 0.1cm
Astal Body Circle Size: 0.3cm
The Path Size: 0.5cm

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