See Things as They Are – Minimalist Copper Earrings. Hammered Design Earrings. New Copper Design Earrings.


Psychosomatic illnesses happen when our mind is anxious and troubled and when we see things with a twisted perspective instead of seeing them as-they-are. Instead of seeing things as-they-are, we see them as how “they should be” or “ought to be”, i.e. we want things and people to be as we want them to be. This causes conflict, sadness, and misunderstanding when people do not bend to our will. Conversely, our mind is at peace and our relationships with others are harmonious when we see things as-they-are.

When our mind is at peace and in harmony, we live in harmony with people around us.

Stud Size: 1.4cm
Sun Size: 4cm
Total Length: 5.5cm

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