Sage Ring – Brass Ring. Brass Concrete Ring. Modern Brass Ring. Sage Ring. Botanical Plant Ring.


Sage’s reputation for wisdom, protection, and good luck cast it squarely into the bounds of Jupiter. Like that most paternal of planets, Sage’s energy brings prosperity and guards over the home. The leaves even contain trace amounts of tin—a Jupiter metal.

However, it should be noted that some writers (including Christopher Penczak) list it with Moon herbs. Sage often has a white or blue-gray cast and is associated with the wisdom of the Crone.

The usual elemental tag for this fresh-smelling herb is Air. However, given Sage’s loyalty to hearth and home and links to manifestation magic, an alternative correspondence could be Earth.

“Cleansing with sage involves more than just burning the dried leaves of the plant and waving it around. It must be gathered with good intention in a manner that honors both the plant and the earth. The root should be left in the ground, and a prayer of thanks along with an offering of tobacco or cansasa should be given after harvesting. All of this is part of its cleansing power.”

Material: Silver Plated Brass, Concrete