Platonic Love Necklace – Sterling Silver Jewelry. Brass Neckalce. Brass Sun Hand Made Necklace. Contemporary Jewelry.


Platonic love is rooted in the idea of a deep and transcendent connection between individuals that goes beyond physical attraction or romantic desire. It often involves a profound sense of understanding, respect, and mutual support. In a spiritual context, platonic love can be seen as a reflection of higher ideals such as compassion, selflessness, and the recognition of the divine within one another. It’s a love that nurtures the soul and contributes to personal and collective growth, often emphasizing the interconnectedness of all beings.

The moon’s gentle, calming light represents the emotional and spiritual connection, while the sun’s warmth and radiance symbolize the platonic bond’s strength and vitality. Together, they illuminate the beauty of these non-romantic connections.

Material: Sterling Silver (Chain and The Moon), Brass (The Sun)

Sun Size: 4cm
Moon Size: 2.5cm
Total Length (chain): 44cm