Our Own Cosmos – Connecting to the Upper World – Sterling Silver Ring. Big Sun Ring. Contemporary Ring.


We are all connected to the universe in a profound way, and our lives have a purpose within this grand cosmic order.

The Upper-World is a place of wisdom, love, healing and compassion. It is a place where we may meet ‘ascended masters’; beings who have transcended their egos, and have spiritual insight, wisdom, and compassion. It is a place where we can go to get a bigger perspective on things; to ‘rise above’ petty concerns and problems; to get help with transcending our own ego concerns and limitations.

The Upper World is the realm of Father Sun. Ultimately, Father Sun is pure consciousness, pure Spirit. And, looked at in one way, there is a part of us that is part of this.

The Upper-World is outside of space-time. There is no linear time in the Upper-World.

There is no past, present or future, it always was, is, and will be.

Material: Sterling Silver

The Moon Size: 3,1cm
Ring Size: 5.5US

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