Our Children – Hammered Brass Disc Necklace. Brass and Wood Necklace. Spiritual Brass Necklace. Unique Jewelry.


Children are precious and valuable beings with a special connection to the divine, they are a gift from a higher power and that they bring joy, love, and spiritual blessings into our lives. Some also believe that children are pure and innocent beings who have a natural connection to the divine, and that they can teach us important spiritual lessons.
Some spiritual traditions emphasize the importance of nurturing the spiritual development of children. For example, in Buddhism, there are teachings specifically designed to help children develop mindfulness and compassion. In many indigenous cultures, children are considered sacred and are taught to honor and respect the natural world as part of their spiritual education.
Our children are also seen as a symbol of hope and renewal. They represent the future and the potential for growth and transformation. They remind us of the importance of nurturing and caring for the next generation, and of the interconnectedness of all life.

Material: Brass, Wood, Black (Adjustable) Cord

Tube Size: 6.5cm
Big Sun Size: 3cm
Little Sun Size: 1.6cm
Driftwood: size depends on the piece

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