Mother Earth and Her Children – Sanded and Hammered Brass Disc Neckalce. Wood and Brass Necklace. Spiritual Necklace. Big Brass Disc Necklace.


Earth is a living entity that sustains and nurtures all forms of life, including humans.
Mother Earth is seen as a deity or a powerful force that is to be respected and honored. It is believed that everything on earth, including plants, animals, and humans, is interconnected and part of a larger web of life.
It’s important to live in harmony with nature, the need for conservation and protection of the natural environment, and the recognition of the earth as a sacred and divine entity.
It brings spiritual nourishment and healing. It can also serve as a reminder of our responsibility to care for the earth and its inhabitants.

Material: Brass, Wood, Black Adjustable Cord, Natural Stone (Lava Stone)

Sun Size: 5.5cm
Lava Stone Size: 8mm
Concrete Size: 12mm
Driftwood : size depends on the piece

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