Minimalist Sun on a Half Moon – Statement Earring. Circle Minimal Earrings. Brass Earrings.


Since the moon reflects the light of the sun, it can symbolize the idea of reflection and introspection. The half moon, in this context, may encourage individuals to reflect on their inner selves, emotions, and thoughts, seeking insight and self-discovery. The half moon and the sun can also be seen as symbols of duality and unity. The moon represents duality, with its waxing and waning phases, while the sun represents unity and illumination. Together, they can symbolize the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.
The moon’s phases, including the half moon, are often seen as symbols of change and transformation. When the moon transitions from one phase to another, it can represent the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. The presence of the sun during a half moon phase may symbolize the light of enlightenment and new beginnings.

Material: Raw Brass Flat Sun (Sanded)
Sun Size: 3cm
Ear Wire: 18K Real Gold Plated over Brass

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