Concrete moon and sun connection – Minimalist Concrete Earrings. Dangle Earrings. Contemporary. Modern Brass Earrings.


The relationship of the Sun and Moon is at the very heart of astrology since astrology reflects the essence of life. The Sun relates to our daylight hours and the Moon to night time, whereby we experience light and dark in the natural world. The Sun and Moon are together traditionally referred to as the “Lights” in astrology – daylight and night light. Although night light can be dark, with the Moon our path is often still lit to some extent. Differentiation in the amount of light depends on where we are in each monthly cycle. There is a correlation between nature symbolism and human reality, which astrology recognizes. As such, the position of the Moon in relation to the Sun therefore also reflects how much access we have to our range of conscious and unconscious awareness at any given moment.

Material: Raw Brass (Sanded)
Sun Size: 3,5cm
Concrete Size: 12mm
Total Length: 64mm

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