Communication Between the Soul, the Personality and the Higher Self – Minimalist Ring. Silver Disc Ring. Moss Agate Ring. Circle Ring.


Being part of the great plan of creation, every human being has an immortal Soul – his real Self- and a mortal – Personality – that which he represents here on earth. There is a Higher Self which is closely bound up with his Soul and may be said to function as the mediator between Soul and Personality.
The Soul is aware of the particular mission a person has, and endeavours to bring this mission to expression, with the aid of the Higher Self and through the flesh and blood Personality, and to make it a concrete reality. To begin with, the Personality is not aware of this mission. The potentials our Soul wishes to bring to realization through the Personality are not concrete. They are in fact higher, idea qualities that Edward Bach referred to as ‘the virtues of our Higher Self. They include gentleness, firmness, courage, constancy, wisdom, joyfulness, purposefulness. Poets of al ages have praised these as noble qualities of character. the mand also be called the ideal archetypal soul qualities of mankind, the realization of which will lead to true happiness within the context of a greater Whole. “ Mechthikd Scheffer

Material: Sterling Silver, Moss Agate
Big Circle Size: 2.5cm
Small Cricle Size: 1.2cm
Natural Stone Size: 0.8cm

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