Colorful Sunrise – Flamed Brass Necklace. Minimalist Brass Necklace. Flamed Jewelry. Concrete Brass Necklace. Lava Stone Necklace.


A beautiful sunrise with all of its colors on display is a perfect metaphor for realizing exactly that – the things that happened yesterday are done and over. Today is a new day and everyone has the opportunity to go at it again.

It can be easy to forget how important it is to be present in the moment and focus on the things that matter most. In a world where everything and everyone seems to be vying for attention at the same time, simply looking at a colorful sunrise can remind one that there is an opportunity to make the most of that particular day. It’s also a great reminder for putting the mistakes of the past aside and making the changes that need to be made to truly enjoy life. It helps people put life into perspective by reminding them to cherish the good things and let things that aren’t so good go. Every day is different.

Material: Brass, Concrete, Lava Stone

Sun Size: 5cm
Moon Size: 1.2cm
Lava Stone: 0.8cm
Total Length: 58 cm (adjustable)


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