Blue Moon – Sterling Silver Ring. Double Moon Silver Ring. Minimalist Silver Ring. Concave Silver Jewelry.


What is a blue moon?
A blue moon occurs when there are two full moons within the same month or astrological season or four full moons in a season rather than three.

The saying, “once in a blue moon,” suggests that something is rare or unlikely because a blue moon only happens roughly once every two and a half years.

A Double Moon is a time to review the intentions we set in the previous cycle and adjust; an opportunity for reflection and adaptation.

A full moon is typically nourishing, expansive, and a time to celebrate. This is the most high-energy phase of the moon cycle.

So, the spiritual meaning of a blue moon is like a full moon on steroids! The energy is even bigger and brighter and expands everything. Blue moons are said to be full of luck and magic and are the perfect time to craft spells, make a wish, perform rituals, and connect with your intuition.

Because blue moons are rare, this might symbolize a rare opportunity that is about to find you. But regardless of whether this happens, a blue moon is full of the energy you need to reignite passion and enthusiasm for your dreams and start walking towards them.

Material: Sterling Silver / Brass
Big Sun Size: 2.5cm
Ring Size: 5 US, 6 US, 7 US, 8 US