Being Balanced with Sun Gazing – Amazonite Natural Stone Brass Earrings. Sanded Brass Sun Earrings. Dangle Brass Sun Earrings.


According to a research the sun is the main source of energy energising our brain. The sun’s energy can only enter the body through the eyes. Sun gazing is therefore the only way where you can receive this energy that is essential to the human body, but. The benefits of the sun gazing are believed to be the energising of the mind, body and spirit. Since it is also a form of meditation, you can also experience similar benefits from other meditation practices. Only certain hours of the day where you can practice safe sun gazing – they say 30 minutes during sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset.

Material: Sanded Brass
Natural Stone: Amazonite
Half Circle Size: 25mm
Stone Size: 8mm
Dropt Length: 3.5cm
Total Length: 4.5cm

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