Be Your Own Island – Sterling Silver Ring. Blue Apatite Natural Stone Ring. Unique Ring. Unique Silver Ring.


An island is considered a symbol of isolation, solitude, and introspection. It can represent a place of refuge where you can retreat to contemplate and connect with yourself, nature, and the divine.
Islands are also associated with the idea of purity, as they are often seen as pristine and untouched by human activity, it’s a place where you can experience a sense of unity with all things.
Also islands are considered a symbol of journey and transformation, as they often require crossing water to reach them. This can represent a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, as one navigates the challenges of life to reach a place of spiritual fulfillment.

Material: Sterling Silver, Natural Stone (Blue Apetite)

Ring Size: 8.5US
Circle Size: 3cm
Blue Apatite Size: 1cm
Island Size: 1.3cm

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