Be like water. Forgive. – Sterling Silver Ring. Unique Silver Jewelry. Concave Silver Ring. Natural Stone Silver Ring. Blue Apetite Silver Ring


Water and forgiveness are two concepts that may not seem related at first glance, but they share some interesting similarities.

Water is essential for life, and it is a symbol of purity, renewal, and regeneration. It has the power to cleanse and purify, washing away dirt and impurities, and leaving things fresh and clean. In many cultures, water is also associated with spiritual purification and is used in rituals and ceremonies to cleanse the soul.

Forgiveness, on the other hand, is the act of letting go of anger, resentment, or the desire for revenge towards someone who has wronged us. It is a process of releasing negative emotions and choosing to move on from the hurt and pain caused by the other person’s actions.

Just as water has the power to cleanse and purify, forgiveness has the power to heal and renew relationships. Forgiveness can wash away the negative emotions that keep us stuck in the past, allowing us to move forward and experience greater peace and happiness in our lives.

Both water and forgiveness require a willingness to let go of what is holding us back and embrace something new. It takes courage and strength to face our emotions, confront our pain, and choose to forgive, just as it takes courage to dive into the unknown depths of water and emerge renewed and refreshed.

Material: Sterling Silver, Natural Stone, Blue Apetite
Natural Stone Size: 5mm
Moon Size: 12mm
Ring Size: 6.5cm

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